Kids deserve the best

Hey folks! Did not get to write adult stuff these days as I am working on Franco Kids books which takes me significant amount of time…  I think kids deserve the best and I am just not there quite yet…(will I ever be?)Anyway, working my ass off to get to something that young fellows (any gender, age,colour,nationality, age group etc) could enjoy…  More to follow on that, stay tuned…

Yeah, Kids deserve the best (That’s the title… you are so impressed about how I brought that up aren’t you).

One thing I can tell you is that my Kids are getting only the best….The best of me.  I am a loving dad (3 young guys and a 4th on the way), and my job does not allow me to see them very often, 24 hours a week top.  I work 550Km (300 miles for you my americans friends) from home and on friday nights after work, drive my old volvo at a 88 miles an hours trying to go back in time ( see ref to back to the future here ;)).

So you can imagine that when I get home it becomes pretty intense!  Kids jumping  everywhere pretty much yelling what they did during the week at school, with mommy with the neighbours. They show me drawing, crafts, books they got, exams, new stuff they made out of my wood scraps (sometime good stuff also:( ).  All that in 3 minutes.  Holy sweet Jesus every time I am shocked!!!! I get a huge hugs from all of them:  From the smallest 3 years old T-Rex (Alex) all the way to my older one, biggest 6 year old guy I ever met, jumping on me and screwing my army radioman old back for the whole week end (Damn I had to sand the deck!!!) 😉

But damn I love that. So much.

I don’t like the fact that they we spend 24 hours a week together.  I love the fact that my kids show me that I am important for them.

The best of me

Like I said before, 15 lines up to be more precise (pay attention!), they get the best of me,
Sometime I tickle them until they beg for forgiveness, build them wooden rifles , go in imaginary patrol and secret missions with them (they like army stuff), play lego, draw Lightining mcqueen and Mater 250 times because it is never up to their expectations….but

Sometime it gets bad baby……reaaaaaaal bad.  And I think this is part of my job and my presence being important for them…
I am a bearer of discipline in the house, and I know, sometime they get some retroactive loads of discipline and sometime some proactive in order for mommy to not be submerged with questionable behaviors for the upcoming week.

In any case, Father’s day is coming up and……I would like to remind all dads the importance of being closed to their kids, passionate and support them in their growing which include sometime….

“Kicking” their small impolite butts 😉










I am Royal

I am royally tired,

Think might I have Royal blood

but all the budweiser I got

had started diluting it


I am Royal

I am royally wasted

yeah I think I am royal but

the only crown I got

Is the Crown Royal in my breath


But I know am Royal

I am royally despaired

I lost my kingdom and my guts playing but

You know my queen is all I need….


And you know i’m free

from all the sadness

when you’re with me

my glass filled with half emptiness

And the moonshine on my glass of wine

is holding me, is rocking me with my royalties

Tu t’en fais trop,
Le temps qui va
Et le cœur gros
Ne t’en fais pas.

Tes larmes qui coulent
Des vagues d’amour qui parlent, des mots.

Tu en fais trop
Personne ne regarde,
Il te semble. Comme le tableau
D’un poste de garde

Sur un bureau
Mais son effet sur les passants décore leurs maux.

Je m’en vais trop,
Le temps qui va
Et le cœur gros
Je ne m’en fais pas,

Tes mains de femme,
Des vagues d’amour qui parlent, des mots.


I love Fall. It is colorful and at the same time greyish.  It is cold but at the same time pleasant.  It is full of contradictions that blend perfectly together, like vinegar and salt, like citrus and sugar, like you and me.

I love Fall

I love when my hands are cold but not freezing, when my nose is numb, when my eyes are tearing but are not sad, I love when I get back from outside. I love that my feet warm up and a thousands of soft needles sew my socks around them.

I would like to go back again.

Just like if winter was kind enough to send us hint. And summer offering us a desert.

Every year, I Fall in love .

My Ole truck

I am a Canadian soldier, I am a husband, I am a father but mostly a man, a human. I joined the military when I was 16 to get some money to buy a car and some music gear, I bought my father’s ole pick up truck and we restored it together, I had a blast, I am sure him to.

Then, I needed money to put gas in that truck, needed a parking spot and so on, then I woke up when I was twenty one. I woke up in my new house with commitments, then I got sent to war in Afghanistan.


Then I woke up and needed more money to feed my kid that I never saw coming as I spent most of my wife’s pregnancy helping people out in Haiti.

Then, I packed my truck my kids and music gear and left to go teach a trade that I never had time to learn, miles away from here.

Then, I woke up 3 years later and it was time to go, so I said farewell to the beautiful Ontario. I was back with my kids (now 3), my wife, my music gear (too much), my old truck and my new (yes I have 2) and my grey hairs (yes I do) in the cold weather of Quebec City.

Then I got told that they needed me, somewhere else, but this time it would be without my family. So I packed my car (yes I have one) with my bags, my rags, my music gear (just a little) and left the home. Not so easy.

Then I woke up and I needed more money to put gas in my car and more money to give away at the grocery stores (2 places now and 3 boys) and was not able to sell my house anymore. Then I was broke. So I sold the Ole truck back to my Dad and he put it back on jacks, I’m sure he’s having a blast… and Ole pick up was gone and I felt it in my bones…That truck was the reason why I was wearing olive green on my spine and a fresh haircut all the time.

Then I woke up asking myself what am I good at? What would I do when I’ll drop my Ruck Sac? I told myself that I can’t do “squat” that I should have gone to school when I was a young brat.

I realized finally that I was always trying to be someone else than what you see, but in fact,

I am a Canadian soldier, I am a husband, I am a father but mostly a human.

And human do human things like loving…. I decided I am going to love more and write more, because I love it.

Let’s see where it leads me…

Apprendre ses distances

Vers les 16 ans environ, quand l’envie de la conduite se dévoile en toi, ton paternel prend la situation en mains. T’apprends les rudiments, virage, arrêt, conduite marche arrière et surtout, de garder tes distances.  Il en mettra toute son énergie.  C’est la sécurité, c’est ce qui te gardera en vie.  GARDE TES DISTANCES! Puis tu développes toi même tes guides, la distance que tu es confortable, la distance qui te plait.  Mais cette distance est variable, si il fait beau, selon ta carriole selon les conditions.

Vers les 30 ans tu te rends compte que ce concept n’était qu’un exemple appliqué que ton paternel t’inculquait.  Tranquillement tu te rends compte qu’il est applicable dans toutes les situations et améliore ta sécurité physique et psychologique. Selon la situation, selon ton humeur, selon ta carriole.

et Voilà que lorsque requis, tu commences à prendre tes distances

Aujourd’hui je me rends compte

Aujourd’hui, je me rends compte que je suis borné. Que je crois tout savoir sur tout, mais qu’un rien m’influence. Que tout est perdu, mais que rien n’est gagné d’avance. Je me rends compte que la seule chose qui compte c’est rattraper le temps perdu mais que le temps perdu est présentement devant moi. Je me compte que la société est une illusion mais que cette illusion est notre réalité. Je me rends compte que pour être heureux il faut faire comme si cette illusion était réalité car le temps qui nous a été confié nous a été clairement divisé et statistisé. Je sais qu’il me reste tout au plus Trente et un millions six cent mille secondes pour exécuter le plan qui m’a été imposé. Je me rends compte que je suis borné et que je crois tout savoir sur tout.

Aujourd’hui je me sens dessus ou, déçu. Je n’en suis pas certain quelle ironie, ma seule incertitude. Dessus car je crois tout connaitre mais déçu car au fond la seule chose que je crois vraiment connaitre est une illusion. L’illusion que ce que je crois est la vérité. Je crois que tout est un illusion et j’ai raison car je connais tout… ou rien?