I am a Canadian soldier, I am a husband, I am a father but mostly a man, a human. I joined the military when I was 16 to get some money to buy a car and some music gear, I bought my father’s ole pick up truck and we restored it together, I had a blast, I am sure him to.

Then, I needed money to put gas in that truck, needed a parking spot and so on, then I woke up when I was twenty one. I woke up in my new house with commitments, then I got sent to war in Afghanistan.


Then I woke up and needed more money to feed my kid that I never saw coming as I spent most of my wife’s pregnancy helping people out in Haiti.

Then, I packed my truck my kids and music gear and left to go teach a trade that I never had time to learn, miles away from here.

Then, I woke up 3 years later and it was time to go, so I said farewell to the beautiful Ontario. I was back with my kids (now 3), my wife, my music gear (too much), my old truck and my new (yes I have 2) and my grey hairs (yes I do) in the cold weather of Quebec City.

Then I got told that they needed me, somewhere else, but this time it would be without my family. So I packed my car (yes I have one) with my bags, my rags, my music gear (just a little) and left the home. Not so easy.

Then I woke up and I needed more money to put gas in my car and more money to give away at the grocery stores (2 places now and 3 boys) and was not able to sell my house anymore. Then I was broke. So I sold the Ole truck back to my Dad and he put it back on jacks, I’m sure he’s having a blast… and Ole pick up was gone and I felt it in my bones…That truck was the reason why I was wearing olive green on my spine and a fresh haircut all the time.

Then I woke up asking myself what am I good at? What would I do when I’ll drop my Ruck Sac? I told myself that I can’t do “squat” that I should have gone to school when I was a young brat.

I realized finally that I was always trying to be someone else than what you see, but in fact,

I am a Canadian soldier, I am a husband, I am a father but mostly a human.

And human do human things like loving…. I decided I am going to love more and write more, because I love it.

Let’s see where it leads me…


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